Casual Workers

Casual Worker

Do you want to work on a casual basis to fit it with your other commitments/work life balance? Are you looking for an opportunity to gain work experience, working hours that suit your lifestyle?

Halton Borough Council offers casual work across a range of its services.  Casual assignments are usually short term to meet the changing needs of services.

All casual work at the Council is advertised and you should apply using our online recruitment system. Guidance on completing your application can be found here.

If your application is successful, you will form part of a pool of workers and you will then be asked to periodically confirm your availability for work.

As a casual worker you’ll receive a good rate of pay which includes a payment for holidays to be taken when not working on a casual assignment.

Casual worker positions available at Halton Borough Council are advertised via the main vacancy page

For further information contact Recruitment & Resourcing on 0151 511 6798


What is casual work?

Casual work is work that is usually short term and irregular in nature. This is because it is normally used to cover gaps in a service or to carry out a one-off piece of work.

Can I register my interest in casual work?

You may be able to register an interest directly with some services, however, all casual work positions will be advertised and you will be required to make an application using the Council’s online recruitment system.

What happens after I’ve applied for casual work?

The hiring manager will normally interview you to see if you have the relevant skills, knowledge and experience for the work. If you are successful at interview, HR will undertake a number of pre-work checks to ensure you meet all of the requirements of the work.  Only once these are complete can you commence any work

Am I obliged to work?

No. If appointed to a casual pool you will be asked to periodically inform the service manager when you are available to work. Work will then be allocated based on the service needs. This may mean that you are not offered work on every occasion that you state you are available.