Looking for a rewarding career?

Thank you for taking the time to show an interest in what Halton has to offer you as a Divisional Manager. Children and Families services are part of the People Directorate and together with Adult services and Public Health we have the needs of our community at the heart of what we do.

We are looking for skilled and experienced people who have a vision and a passion for ensuring services for vulnerable children deliver high quality and consistent services.

We have made considerable progress since our Single Inspection in 2014. You will join a fantastic workforce who have made a real difference to the outcomes for children and families, as evidenced in our focused visit and JTAI inspections.

Halton has a robust commitment to the training and development of its workforce at a practice and operational level, but also at senior manager level. There are  opportunities for training, such as MBA and practice leader development.

I look forward to meeting you!

Milorad Vasic Strategic Director People

Children in Need

Divisional Manager

This is a key leadership role in which you will be responsible for delivering and transforming services to children and families across the borough. You will therefore have extensive and detailed knowledge of children’s services and an understanding of the legislative and statutory obligations relevant to such services.

If you wish to discuss further, please contact Tracey Coffey, Operational Director on 0151 511 6011.

Children in Care

Divisional Manager

As the lead officer for the service you will be authoritative in your advice and be able to analyse information and make judgements under pressure. In managing risk and implementing strategies you will be able to think laterally at both a strategic and operational level and meet challenges with creativity and innovation.

If you wish to discuss further, please contact Tracey Coffey, Operational Director on 0151 511 6011.

Being a Children Services Manager at Halton Borough Council

Zoe Fearon, Divisional Manager, Children in Need and Child Protection talks through what it’s like working for Halton Borough Council. Hear about the culture and ethos within the team, the systemic model adopted by the council and her advice for applicants.

About Halton


Halton is a unitary authority (formed in 1998) which covers the towns of Runcorn and Widnes, serving a population of 128,432. Halton is located within the M56 & M62 corridors, Halton is ideally situated at the heart of the region’s motorway network formed by Liverpool, Manchester & Chester. See our guide for more information.

A systemic model of practice

Halton is ambitious in creating the right skills and environment for social work to flourish.

We are currently working in partnership with the Centre for Systemic Social Work and are developing our model of social work practice based on the CfSW ethos and principles.

Our vision is to support social workers to make confident and professional assessments and judgements about the welfare of children, intervening in order to manage risk and effect change in families.

 We do this by building upon the existing knowledge, confidence and expertise of practitioners, managers and practice leaders, increasing their effectiveness in creating change in families, activating families to focus on strengths and building solutions that create safety. We aim to support the development of innovative and creative social work practice supported by a clear evidence base and rooted in frontline practice.

How do we know we are making a difference?

From service users and professionals:

I just want to let you know Mum’s comments.  She said that she was glad L is her children’s Social Worker, she feels ‘L tells her how it is, but she doesn’t patronise her or talk down to her. She really feels that L listens to her and that keeps her focused.  She said having worked with CSC for years she now sees SW’s as wanting to help her and her children rather than wanting to take them away and she thinks L is a great Social Worker. Her report for conference was very good balanced, clear and succinct as was the updated plan. I just wanted share this with you and feel that she has really helped this family engage and improve positive outcomes for this family so far.

I just wanted to say to you that although social services getting involved in my life was one of the worst things to ever happen to me (no offence to you), it has actually been a blessing in disguise and given me the motivation I so badly needed to get mine and my sons lives back on track. I haven’t stopped de cluttering and cleaning the house since. I’ve even completely decorated the living room, am putting the Xmas tree up tonight and starting to decorate the hall tomorrow. So in a strange kind of way, I just wanted to say thank you. Oh, I also forgot to mention that last Friday I had my new central heating fitted! So, after 4 very cold winters, we are now very cosy and warm. Again, I would not have had this done without your help.

Well, where do I start? I wouldn’t have been this strong if it wasn’t for you. You are honestly amazing at your job and don’t let anyone tell you different, you have a place in my heart you have helped us so much. It’s going to be such a sad time when you’re not involved

Barrister – The local authority were quite right to bring the case and the conduct of the proceedings had been impeccable. The Judge praised the Social Worker both for her work with the family and her evidence (which she gave so as to assist the court as to the ‘wide canvas’). I know it is not often that such an outcome would be considered a success, but I know the Social Worker was of the view that it was the right outcome for this family. The family whilst having had an awful ordeal can take some comfort that they had a Social Worker who dealt with them in not just a professional manner, but in a way that was lateral, pragmatic and collaborative.  The Social Workers’ conduct of this complicated matter has been exceptional and her final evidence was faultless

She was absolutely fantastic, she listened to me, allowed me to talk and I felt listened to.  Her understanding and empathy of my daughter’s situation has led to help and she is now on a successful road to recovery. The service has been invaluable to helping us as a family, we will forever be grateful for her support.